Friday, June 22, 2012

Ready to fly airplanes

When I was first reading about ready to fly airplanes I realized again, that my whole life I had the dream to fly a radio controlled airplane.
It started when I was a young kid and lived in a town that had a hobby club for model airplanes.
Every month they had a day that thy flew their planes and I made sure that I was there to watch them.

ready to fly airplanes
At that age I was to young and did not have the money to even think about buying a model airplane.
And certainly not one with a gas motor and remote controlled.

When you ad up all the expenses that was way to much for me. Plus the fact that I was scarred to death to crash it and loos all that money after a few seconds of flying.

I also thought that it must be very hard to control all 5 functions of that airplane flying high in the sky.
And than the landing! I could never do that.

But recently I have been reading about ready to fly airplanes.

First of all they are most of the time powered by and electric motor and that takes care of the fact that I am not really technical skilled. At least not enough to work a gas powered engine.

Than the next big plus is that they are really ready to fly. 
Meaning that everything you need comes in the box and there is minimum assembly required.
That will take care of my problem of assembling for days and days.

Can not wait any longer and want to see some prices and models

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In the past a model airplane was pretty expensive.
The ready to fly airplanes are available under the 100 dollar price tag.

Easy to control
The only controls you have to worry about are Up-Down, Left-Right and Throttle.
That is not even to hard for me I think.

Flight time.
I have been reading flight times of over 10 minutes on one battery.

Battery charging.
The latest technology in batteries makes it possible to charge them pretty fast.

After reading this blog I hope you also get interested in the ready to fly airplanes.

On my website I keep making new pages for new models and the best deals.
Not only review I whole planes, but I also make recommendations on spare parts.
What parts are more likely to break and what the prices are.